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— IPS Audit Requirements

IPS audits are being conducted on a regular basis. Some publications are 100% audited and others are chosen for random audits. If you fail the audit your returns will be reversed.

If your audited returns have been reversed they will appear on your next Remittance Advice under the heading “Copies supplied this period”. They appear in this section because they are a debit amount.


Steps to pass audit:

  1. When the publication is recalled, enter and post your returns before the recall cut-off date (last returns date) has passed. It’s a good habit to process returns weekly as soon as they are recalled.
  2. Always print your Return Reportand check that every returns claim has a corresponding masthead as proof of return.
  3. Send your Returns Reportand all Mastheads to IPS Returns, Locked Bag 55, Windsor South DC, NSW 2756.  All Mastheads must clearly display the name of the publication and issue you are returning.
  4. We wait until seven business days after the recall cut-off date before closing the issue for audit. On day eight we reverse any 100% audited returns where mastheads have not been supplied. We also debit returns where the correct number of mastheads hasn’t been received.
  5. If you have problems with mail you can ask us about an email solution for your returns. It may be possible to send through a scan of your mastheads and Returns Report with no postage required. Contact us on 1800 606 477for more information and the scanned returns mail address.
  6. We have a “Now Auditing” section in the weekly IPS Report we send to agents. This section lists the 100% audit publications due for audit. Please ensure you are subscribed to receive the newsletter so you can review the “Now Auditing” section.

Posted by Katrina Ryan

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