— Always wanted to market your publication directly to retail outlets Australia wide? IPS online is used by over 4000 independent retail outlets on a weekly basis. Used to change orders, view promotions, log returns and general communication, IPS online is the ultimate way to promote your brand directly to the business’s selling for you.

Select from range of advertising options to suit your budget. Choose one off ads or advertising campaigns using banner ads, mrecs, skyscraper and animated advertising. These are just a few of the options available to you when advertising through IPS online.

Reaching over 4000 retail outlets nationally, the weekly IPS eNewsletter is another excellent way to market your brand direct to your retailers. Create awareness and stand out from the crowd in an industry where publications can become one of many.

As IPS employs a Pull vs. Push allocation model, giving retailers a choice of the products they receive within their stores, both IPS online and the newsletter’s are a fantastic way to help increase revenue within your business.

For more information on advertising directly to your retailers please contact


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