How do I check my IPS Statments

Log onto IPS online and under the Reports tab open up Invoices for the most recent Statements.

How do I obtain a Credit Application?

To be able to trade with IPS you must have a credit application. To apply for a credit application download and complete the IPS Credit Application form fill in all of the details and send back to

What are the terms of IPS accounts?

All IPS accounts operate on a 21 days after the end of the month.

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Marketing & Promotions
How do I nominate to participate in an IPS Publisher promotion?

To nominate your participation in any publisher promotions simply email your account id, the size of the POS pack you wish to receive and the name of the promotion.

How do I receive my fee for participating in and IPS Publisher promotion?

To receive your fee for marketing and promotion support, simply send in your proof of participation i.e. a photo of the POS display to Once the photo has been received you will receive a credit to the value of the level of marketing support on your next invoice.

How do I receive POS material?

Once you have selected the promotion and the POS you require the POS will be delivered to your store with your publications.

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How many outlets do you deliver to?

There is no exact answer as there are always newsagents closing down and supply stopping due to bad debt. An estimate would be around 4000 retailers receive supply direct and thousands more outlets through the sub-agency network.

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How do I obtain a direct account with IPS?

To obtain a direct account with IPS simply fill out an IPS Direct AccountApplication Form, Trading Terms (pages 4 & 15 required to be completed ) and IPS Credit Application and send it to The application form can be downloaded from under the download & tools section at the bottom of the home page. Your application will then be reviewed by the retail account team based on the information provided. You will then be advised via reply email if your application has been successful.

How do I obtain anIPSOnline account?

To hold an IPS online account you must have a direct account with IPS. Once your account has been set up you will need to advise IPS if you wish to use XchangeIT or IPS Online by completing the Web Application Formwhich can be downloaded from and submit it via email If you choose IPS Online you will be emailed your IPS Online username and password.

How can I use XchangeIT to share data with IPS?

To enable you to send and receive data via XchangeIT, please contact XchangeITby visiting or Phone 1300 551 212 (option 1)

Where can I find a complete list of IPS Publications?

There is a complete list of current IPS publications located on the website. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the home page at and click on the Downloads &Tools section. There you will find a list available for download. You will be advised via -the IPS Newsletterand through the website of new publications joining the IPS suite of titles.

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IPS Returns Policy

All returns must be processed during the two week recall period. IPS allows an extra seven days for postage. Post a print-out of your completed Returns Report and include all corresponding mastheads to Integrated Publication Solutions, Locked Bag 55, Windsor South, NSW, 2756. IPS conduct regular audits so remember to send your returns and mastheads.

When processing returns via IPS Online or XchangeIT always check your reports to make sure returns have been processed properly. When submitting XchangeIT returns files, be sure to check for confirmation emails. If you receive an email advising your returns have been rejected please call customer service as soon as possible.

To upload the IPS Returns User Guide click on this link: IPS Online Returns User Guide

How do I claim short credits?

If you have not received the correct quantity of a publication and there is a variance between the actual copies received and what is on the delivery documentation.

You can:

  • Claim short credits via the IPS Customer Service Team by calling 1800 606 477 or email


  • Allow up to 72 hours in case deliveries are held up.
  • Check “Important Messages” tab on IPS Online for updates.

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How do I order additional copies of a publication currently on sale?

You can order additional copies of any title at any time during the on sale period via the IPS Online portal  Simply log into your IPS Online account and select the – paid extratab. Select the publication that you require additional copies from the –menu. Please note that only publications currently on sale will be available for order. Enter the required copies and hit the submit button. If copies are available your order will processed and delivered the next day (except in WA and TAS which may take 2 business days) if the order is completed by 12.00 noon. If there are no copies available you will be notified by the customer service team.

How can I change my supply?

You can modify the supplies of any publication via IPS Online Log into your IPS Online account and select the supply tab. Change the quantity in the quantity tab and submit your request. For more information on adjusting supply levels you can download the User Guide.

Why can’t I reduce my supply?

If you reduce your supply to a level outside the Trading Terms Agreement an error message will display and you will be advised to email call 1800 606 477 for assistance. For further details on the supply management business rules you can download the Supply Management Guide here. Please note that the supply business rules are:

  • Retailers will not be able to reduce their supply to zero if there is evidence of sales in the preceding 3 editions of any publication except Annuals & Bi Annuals;
  • Retailers will not be able to reduce their supply to below the highest Sales in the previous 3 editions plus 1 copy. EG if an agent receives 20 copies and is selling 10 then the minimum supply level they can set is 11;
  • Supply cannot be zeroed out for the first three 3 editions of any new publication on the IPS platform;
  • retailers cannot increase their order by greater than a pre-determined % relating to the supply bands as outlined below:1 – 20 – Infinity max increase
    11- 10 copies max increase 500%
    20 – 20 copies max increase 200%
  • Agents can order new supplies of any Publication with a limit of 10 copies in their first order.Supplies cannot be changed for publications with a shelf life of one month or greater 7 days prior to the on sale. This is because the product is being transported around the country ready for distribution. All weekly titles can be changes up to 2 days prior to the scheduled on sale date.

Supplies can be modified outside of these business rules by contacting the IPS customer service team.


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When will I receive the IPS XchangeIT files?

The IPS XchangeIT files (DD2 files) will be sent out two days prior to the scheduled on sale.

When will the XchangeIT returns form be sent?

The IPS returns form (RTF file) will be sent out on the Friday of the scheduled recall week . You can process your returns at any time during the two week returns window. The returns are accepted every morning and you can confirm your returns were processed by logging on to IPSOnline – Go to the Reports Tab and select Returns Report. You will see your returns and the relevant Returns Reference.

How will I know my returns were submitted successfully?

All XchangeIT returns must be submitted by 5.30pm each Friday to be included in the current recall period.  If your returns are submitted late, you will receive an email advising the reason the returns were rejected. You should always check for a confirmation email advising your returns were successful. If your returns were rejected please call Customer Service on 1800 606 477.

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